BitCola Coin(BCB)Application scenario

BCB will be widely used in multiple application scenarios to jointly promote the construction and ecological development of the Bitcole community.

With its ultimate deflationary economic model, holders will gain a growth bonus as Bitcoal develops.

Repurchase destruction

Fee deduction

Airdrop reward

BCB voting

Invite rebate

Project deposit

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New platform-passenger economy

Bitcola will focus on building a professional, stable and secure global crypto asset trading platform.

The various advantages of the platform will help BCB's development and innovation. BCB's new platform economy is built on the following advantages.

Multiple device support

We provide WEB, mobile terminal
Open a trade anytime, anywhere

Fast Trading

Scalable supercomputing cluster
Let you trade smoothly in Bitco

safe and stable

Multiple signatures, hot and cold storage, etc.
Security mechanism guarantees financial security

Manage your BitCola Coin anytime, anywhere

With our BitCola APP, you can easily access, manage and use your BitCola Coin.

We will expand the ecological construction and development of BitCola on a global scale and increase the application scenarios of BCB.






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We will expand the construction of the Bitcole community through BCB and expand our business globally.

We will build different communities based on different countries and regions, while expanding BCB's global application and promotion.

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